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A Day in the Life

- Real Stories From our Team of Bra Fit Experts -
“A stylist and her customer came into the intimate apparel department looking for a great strapless bra and shapewear that make her new cocktail dress fit flawlessly. I of course fit her in the amazing Red Carpet Strapless, and the Cool Definition long leg shaper to match. She loved the way the material felt in the shaper and appreciated the support and lift from the strapless bra. Two purchases later and they were on their way, another satisfied customer. About two weeks and many fittings later, I was watching my daughter at gymnastics and talking with some of the other moms. One of them came and sat down next to me. We caught eyes and both of us were looking at one another as if we knew each other, but we couldn’t figure out from where. As we chatted trying to figure it out, all of a sudden at the same exact time we both blurted out “My (your) bra fitting!” She started to show me pictures from the event and how wonderful she looked in her dress, and when her friend found us chatting away and asked how we knew each other we, again at the same time, responded “intimately.”