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Awareness to the Rescue


-Real Stories From our Team of Bra Fit Experts-

This customer sticks with me because even though she was a lovely woman she was so upset and frustrated with trying on bras she was in tears! She tried on several of our fuller figure styles and just wasn’t happy with how they felt, complaining about this or that. She decided she would have to give up and said that there was NOTHING out there for her and this happens all the time. I calmed her down and let her know I was there for her and that I had one more option she could try, our Awareness bra. She had been wearing way too big a band and not a large enough cup; I upped the cup one more size in this style, and when she tried it on a huge smile came on her face. She immediately could tell that it gave her support and lift. She walked out with two Awareness bras! And no tears.

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