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Fighting for Courage


-Real Stories From our Team of Bra Fit Experts-
It was late in the evening after a hectic two days of FFTC events at my store. We were all feeling good, but very tired. I had my bag packed and was headed out the door when the department manager stopped me. She said she knew it was late, but wanted to know if I could stay and help her with one last customer. She took me in the back to explain what I was about to see, saying that the customer had been in a bad accident and that a good portion of her body had been burned. She wanted my help to put the customer at ease and provide some support. When we walked into the fitting room and the manager introduced me to her, I was surprised by how young and beautiful she was. She had put her shirt back on and the only sign of the burns were on her hands and neck. She looked upset, nervous, uncomfortable and she had tears in her eyes. I started talking with her to try to help put her at ease. She told us that she had not left her house much since the accident, but she had a big opportunity that she was preparing for and needed to look her best. She took her shirt off and I could see from her neck down she was badly burned—scar tissue covered her body. She told us her skin was very sensitive because of it, and it was so hard for her to wear a bra. I continued to talk to her and make eye contact with her while the manager fitted her for bras. She continued to cry throughout the process, but kept insisting that she had to do the fitting. I learned that since the accident and since she stayed home and didn’t go out in public much, she had been working on her song writing. She said that her song writing was helping her work through her pain from the accident. She had written quite a few songs, and after working up the courage to send them out had been contacted by some people in Nashville, who were flying her out the following week to meet with them. She was so worried about her appearance, but they knew her story also. I will never ever forget watching this girl fight for the courage to go through with this fitting, and I knew she would continue to find courage within herself to go to Nashville. The manager and I continued to work with her, and we ended up helping her with bras and her whole wardrobe for her trip. She was so nervous and upset in the beginning, but by the end she was happy. Every thought I had about wanting to go home and how late it was left my mind, all I could think about was how much strength and courage it was taking for this sweet girl to come in and expose all of her wounds to us. When she left that night, she had all that she needed for her trip. I know that while we were just fitting her and wardrobing her, she was going through a process of healing. I walked away that night exhausted from a long day, but with more energy for my job then I had ever had before.

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