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The Fit Fairy

-Real Stories From our Team of Bra Fit Experts-

Dawn travels a lot for work. As the head of our National Fit Squad, she is often jet-setting across the country to check in and ensure that her team is equipped to provide the best fit service available in stores today. With 8 out of 10 women wearing the wrong size bra, she can spot women in the wrong size bra like second nature. Our team of fitters honestly care about helping women look and feel their best, so when on a recent flight she noticed a flight attendant in desperate need of an inner-wear beauty makeover, she had to take action. Dawn discretely pulled the woman aside to introduce herself and ask her when was the last time she had a fitting. The woman admitted it had been more than 15 years! Right then and there Dawn helped to arrange for a fitting in her local mall with a member of the fit squad where she had an eye-opening experience that helped to clarify which styles were best-suited for her.

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You never know when the fit fairies are watching!

Heavy Metal

Over neutral nails? Get on trend this Fall with a metallic mani. They go with almost anything and pack a playful punch. Keep it safe with just one color or be daring and mix it up. Gold, silver and cooper are the way to go! Will your nails be on par?

Autumn Eye

Summer’s coming to an end ladies. It’s time to put away those neon’s and bust out the darker shades! One way we like to get into an Autumn mood is with a smokey eye. Can’t pull off black and grey? No worries - try using shades of brown and taupe for a more subtle look. What’s your favorite Fall makeup tip?