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Delightful Destinations: Mykonos

Although it is not as warm as we would like it to be in New york City it is the middle of April which is the perfect time for me to think about gorgeous places to visit. Today, I’m thinking of a Mediterranean island, Mykonos perhaps?

If you’ve never visited Mykonos, no worries I haven’t either, but if you’ve never heard of the beautiful island in Greece let me enlighten you. The beautiful island is a mix of glamour, simplicity and exploration all in one. Everyone (celebrities, college students and families) visit the island to celebrate a Greek summer. There is history, entertainment and a ton of relaxing things to do to ensure a great get away. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself and plan a visit.

Here at b.tempt’d we love culture and travel which helps to keep us inspired for ideas for upcoming seasons (Visit Greece). If I were to go to Mykonos, sometime in my near future, I would be sure to pack the b.tempt’d lace kiss chemise just in case.

Fancy That: There are so many things we fancy for the month, but for now let’s stick to accessories. After all, who doesn’t like accessories?

Bags, sunglasses, jewelry we love them all here at b.tempt’d and mint green is a great color to bring the season in with. These are a few mint green accessories we heart.

Lovely Lace

We all know lace looks lovely as lingerie, but thanks to the ever popular shabby chic craze, its also been the latest go to material for home and accessory decor. The feminine fabric can add a soft graphic motif to an endless amount of items! These are some of our favorite lace driven designs. How have you added a little lace in your life?

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Nailed It

Nails might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think New York Fashion Week, but this year they practically took center stage. Designers have been working closely with top manicurists to compliment their collections and set the seasons nail trends. Here are some of our favorites….can you say DIY heaven?
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